Monte Alpenspitze mountaineering




Choosing the summit
Pack the backpack
Status displays
The plane area
The steep descent
The steep wall
As soon as you click on the title in the title screen the paths of the three summits will appear. By clicking on a specific summit, informations about the mountain, its highscore and the degree of difficulty will show up. If you want to you can adjust the time (start time). But bear in mind that before 08:00am and after 06:00pm it will be pitch-black (and you'll definately have to pack a flashlight in your rucksack)! Click on the 'OK'-button to head to the chalet where you will pack your rucksack for the ascent.

What's necessary for a successful arrival at the summit?

Food, beverages, climbing equipment, ...
Keep in mind that the securing on slopes with a quickdraw or a rope is only possible if you have a piton and a hammer!
And don't forget carabiners and hooks!

Click on the icons in the closet to pack them in your rucksack or click on the icons in your rucksack to put them back in the closet.
The information message above the mouse cursor always shows the name of the item, the weight in kilogramm and the amount of it that is in the rucksack.

The max. capacity is approx. 24 kg.

Status displays:

The status display in the menue shows the current condition of the mountaineer. The disregard of these needs will result in consequences like carelessness or even up to death! If there is no display to see then everything is ok. Here is a overview of the various status displays:

Coldness: A grasp in your rucksack to grab a piece of clothing will help.
Heat: Click on the mountaineer to discard pieces of clothing.
Thirst: A water bottle should always be in every backpack!
Hunger: Hopefully there is enough food in the backpack.
Fatigue: A nap in the igloo tent, secured resting on the rock wall or a cup of coffee helps here.
Press cursor arrow 'Right' on your keyboard to walk to the right, press arrow 'Up' to jump.

Under the snow cover are crevasses hiding!!!
By pressing the space key the alpinist will test the ground and crevasses that are nearby will break open!

To reach the inventory (food, beverages, tent, etc.) in the rucksack just click on the rucksack.
To put things back just click on the mountaineer and remove it from there.
Controls: Press cursor arrow 'Up' to bat the ice axe in the ice. Press arrow 'Down' to plant the feet in the ice. Then hit the space key to lift yourself up. Unfortunately the mountaineer can't reach his backpack if he's not secured! For securing you have to click on the mountaineer and choose the quickdraw (he can only secure himself if he's in the starting position). For securing you'll need the quickdraw, a piton and a carabiner. Furthermore he can secure himself by a rope (in the rucksack) which holds off downfalls unless their not to deep. To set the rope in the stone just bat more pitons in the ice and choose a rope. Pitons are always with the mountaineer (not in the backpack)!
Press cursor arrow 'Right' or 'Left' to climb sideways in the particular direction.

The upper display signals by showing "GO!" (green hands) that can you now pull yourself up. Press the arrow 'Up' to do so. "NO GRIP!" (white, blinking hands) means that the mountaineer currently has nothing to hold on to and if he would try to pull himself up he would fall down. Find another spot to pull yourself up.

Attention: Keep big gaps to falling stones!!!

The securing works the same way as in the "steep descent" chapter.