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"Monte Alpenspitze" is a groundbreaking mountaineering simulation game not only for real alpinists but also for everyone else!

The key elements of this game are: Arranging your own selected mountaineer equipment and accomplishing typical trails that Alpinists also have to manage in real life.

overview of your equipment:
carabiner, anorac, mittens, piton, hammock, snow goggles, ski goggles, woolly hat, gloves, stove, cartridge, camp. equipment, rope 20m, rope 40m, crampons, socks, flashlight, hook, helmet, quick draw, hammer, sleeping bag, nut, iglu tent, talc, snow shovel, alu blanket, rope-ladder, ascender, sun lotion, 1. aid kit, swiss knife, water bottle, rum, matches, beef jerky, preserves, orange, chocolate, coffee, bread, sugar and soup.

Changing weather conditions and daytime/nighttime will turn your trip into an exciting challenge!
Choose your equipment wisely and handle it with care because you will encounter countless risks until you reach the summit of the mountain.
The game "Monte Alpenspitze" wants to contribute to the spirit of the Olympic Games 2006 in Torino. We hope you enjoy the sport-simulation "Monte Alpenspitze" just as much as the Olympic Games 2006!

the whileworking-team 2006

Manuals for "Monte Alpenspitze" available:

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